The Play Place Family Community Fund (FCF) Programme brings together residents, volunteers, community groups and activity providers to provide community engagement activities across 10 neighbourhoods in Croydon. 

The overriding aims of the project are to:

  • Work with communities to help plant local events, festivals and activities 
  • Stimulate better use of open spaces on community estates 
  • Promote well-being and physical health through outdoor sports, play and physical activities 
  • Tackle gaps in equality by supporting deprived children and families reducing isolation 

Since 2006 Play Place have worked with children, young people and communities to offer family engagement projects that use outdoors spaces and local buildings. To achieve our outcomes for this programme we work with a range of partners, community volunteers and young leaders. Our partners include: Croydon Methodist Circuit staff, Jam Total Sport, Southside Baptist Family Group, Old Lodge Lane Baptist Community Church, Longheath Church and Community Centre, Shawfire CIC, the London Fire Brigade, Dynamic Arts Theatre Company and New Addington Pathfinders.

FCF activities include:

  • All Ages Family Events - including local festivals and cultural activities
  • A high profile Croydon Family ‘Play Fest’ summer event
  • Estate based ‘Play Rangers’ and Road Show events 

People volunteer for a range of reasons including finding new interests, impacting on their own community or improving their employability options. We will enhance the role of volunteers through the delivery of AQA and Arts Award accredited training. Introduced in early 2016, Play Place are a registered center for these accredited outcomes; we will deliver accreditations using informal and attractive group activities for volunteers and children. 


  • Croydon Council - Community Fund


Resources to download and print: