We know that finding the right child care can be a source of great concern for parents. We want to help parents as much as possible, so here are a selection of questions we are commonly asked.

How many children are allowed in the setting at one time?

Each setting is individual and we work to Ofsted requirements.

We work within the following staff-to-child ratios:

  • Birth to 2 years - 1:3
  • 2 to 3 years - 1:4
  • 3 years and over - 1:8

Do you mix the age groups?

We do mix ages, as this encourages a 'family' environment for children to learn in. It provides good social interaction and develops skills for children to learn to mix well. It also allows siblings, wider family and friends the opportunity to be together, creating security.

Children develop individually and at their own pace. Readiness for different styles and ability of learning can widely vary. An approach where children are mixed allows and enables play with other children at the child's own level, regardless of age. We believe that by our older children setting examples, our younger children's developmental skills are supported.

Do children have to be 'dry' before they start?

We are happy to accept children in nappies and pull-ups. All our settings have facilities for changing children. We do ask parents to supply the changing equipment the child needs.

Can parents stay to help settle their child?

We recognise that settling a child into nursery can be upsetting and sometimes distressing. Visits to a setting and play days are good opportunities for parents to come and stay and watch their child at play. We actively work with parents to make this transition as easy as possible. We can discuss a plan that works with you as each child and family is unique.