Located in the rural village of Hawkhurst at Hawkhurst CEP school. Hawkhurst After School club has a varies of great spaces for children to strive and develop on their learning in a fun and exciting environment. The setting has a main hall which used to operate out of, on some occasion the setting will use a classroom which is designed to offer the same experiences. At Hawkhurst we have a fantastic outdoors space that children can access which is secure for children to enjoy.

The staff team offer a variety of themed and free play activities. The children are provided with a light tea and we offer a flexible approach to sessions.


At Hawkhurst:

· There are good staff/parent relationships

· There is good information sharing

· The children plan their activities

· We have happy children

· We have dedicated staff

· We have a great teatime


Fingertip Facts

Manager: Lisa Ridley

Deputy: Caris Ridley

Ofsted URN: 2553566

Ofsted Rating: We have MET all of our outcomes for OFSTED.  (21st April 2022)


Hawkhurst C of E Primary School

Fowlers Park,

Rye Road,



Kent, TN18 4JJ

Telephone: 07947687764 

Opening times:

Monday to Friday 3-6pm 




1. Welcome

2. Application

3. Declaration 

4. Terms and Conditions

5. Early Years Information (For those in reception)

6. Play Work