Our newest Community Hub!

Located on the Queen Adelaide estate in Penge, the building was formerly a disused laundry. Later it became the Bromley Active Living Centre (BALC). BALC operated as a fitness centre providing free activities for Clarion residents and the wider community. After a successful first year, the centre was a finalist in the 'Social Regeneration Project Of The Year' category for the 2009 Regeneration and Renewal Awards - In spite of its success it later closed.

The building comprises of:

  • Main Hall (approximately 70 m2)
  • Office (approximately 10 m2)
  • Kitchenette
  • Changing / Locker room (or storage)
  • Three toilets (including accessible bathroom)
  • Entrance lobby

Play Place want to work with local residents to develop a range of new community opportunities and activities. Our model is to generate income through social enterprise methods (hires, grants or other fundraising) and offer free community activities using surpluses that are achieved. 

We are developing a residents support group to work with us. The resident group will support local mapping and oversee the development of the programme.

Example activities may include:

  • Children and youth sessions 
  • Holiday programmes 
  • A gym session/space
  • Community Meeting Space 
  • Family activity days 
  • A Community Cafe 
  • All ages social programmes 
  • Targeted programmes 
  • Children’s parties and events 
  • Commuter ICT groups 
  • Health and well being 

Please let us know your idea and we would welcome you on the residents action group!



  • Clarion Housing


Resources to download and print: 

Resident Group Application

Community Hubs information