Youth Club Croydon

Our Croydon clubs and activities are supported by a group of local professional and community organisations.

Since our inception in 2006, Play Place and our partners have been delivering a strong community constructed offer using a number of delivery strands. We are supporting 20 Wards in Croydon and deliver 20 weekly sessions.

Project strands include:

  • Developing accredited volunteering and mentoring opportunities
  • Planting new estate based youth and community activities
  • Supporting existing resident and community groups to deliver youth activities
  • Supporting health and well-being outcomes for young people and volunteers.

Each year the project has recruits 50 volunteers and works with 25 partners (Including agencies, churches, residents associations and community groups) and we are working with 1,200 registered members. 

The project provides universal and targeted opportunities to offer a broad range of activities including:

  • Universal estate based youth projects
  • Health and well being outreach activities
  • Young leader and adult volunteer training 
  • Mighty Men of Valour – Young men’s peer mentoring training
  • YES and HeadStart Action projects
  • Young Women's Health project

Together we are able to offer constructed programmes that utilise a range of skills and venues throughout the community. We develop our programmes to respond to local need and put a high profile on developing relationship’s, building resilience and enabling young people to achieve accredited outcomes regardless of their circumstances.

“Our vision is to enable people to achieve their maximum potential and positive outcomes regardless of their circumstances. We believe at Play Place that Everyone Counts”

 Our Funders:

  • Croydon Council - Community Fund
  • Anonymous Donation
  • Hyde Foundation
  • Big Lottery - Managed by London Youth
  • Reaching Communities