Play Place is a family run group of companies that was established in 2001.

The group consists of three independent companies:

  • Play Place Childcare Services Ltd (Company Number 3750615) - Providing Ofsted registered childcare, nursery, crèche and after school opportunities in and around Croydon and Kent (
  • Play Place Innov8 CIC  (Company Number 6270463) - A community interest company providing a range of services and activities on a not for profit basis for children, young people and communities (
  • PP Commercial Ltd (Company Number 08180963) – This not for profit company is owned by Play Place Innov8 CIC and delivers commercial activities such as inflatable bouncy castles, room hire at our Bromley and New Addington Family Community Hubs and training activities to raise funds for increased youth projects that are delivered by Play Place Innov8 CIC.


Play Place Childcare Services Ltd deliver six Ofsted registered nursery and pre-school projects and four after-school programmes in areas of Croydon and Kent. Our qualified and experienced staff use their expertise to develop curriculums that identify childrens' developmental needs and emerging interests and we:

  • Use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for children aged birth to reception years and theorists approaches to support children’s milestones and delivery.
  • Offer staff training to build on their existing knowledge, skills and abilities; this enables us to be up to date in our current practice. 
  • Have an observational systems to enable us to develop activities that stimulate childrens' learning and engage with the characteristics of effective learning.
  • Want children to play and explore, be active and motivated in their learning, and be creative and critical in their thinking at all ages and continue to develop on their underpinning knowledge and skills.
  • Have an open door approach for families, we want our groups to be a place for the whole family, where they feel welcomed and accepted.
  • Value the families that we provide a service to and believe that strong partnerships evolve when there is good communications between parents, keyworkers and the staff team. 
  • Work in partnerships with other professionals to encompass the child's learning and well being.
  • Use specialist qualified providers to enhance our curriculum such as dance teachers, sports coaches, African drummers.
  • Partner with early years teams to support childrens' learning and promote good standards.
  • We have good relationships with our venue providers to sustain stability to service.




Play Place Innov8 CIC is a Community Interest Company that delivers not-for-profit services for children, young people and communities. The statement ‘not for profit’ means that reasonable and transparent salaries and costs are paid to staff who deliver services which advance our community interest objectives. Any surpluses and capital assets are used for the benefit of the community and in line with our constituted objectives. Our community programmes include over 40 weekly youth clubs, holiday play schemes across 50 communities, community fun days, crèche events and family learning programmes. Our services also include our mobile play and youth bus, music studio and the Croydon Auto Bike Scheme (CABS). In Croydon we have been the lead commissioned organisation for championing the London Borough of Croydon Play Strategy. We have been managing successful Family Community Hubs, with four across the Bromley borough (Turpington, Mountfield, Penge) and one in Croydon (Wayside). A volunteer Board of Directors support service delivery and ensure that our work is transparent and delivered in line with the agreed constitution.


We offer:

1) Targeted services including our key themes of:

  • Creativity and art
  • Discussion-based learning
  • Knowledge and social education
  • Games and activities

2) Innovative learning opportunities - We provide opportunities for our beneficiaries that deliver either new concepts or services that would otherwise not be available in a given area or to a specified group.

3) Innovative learning opportunities - We provide opportunities for our beneficiaries that deliver either new concepts or services that would otherwise not be available in a given area or to a specified group.

4) ICT and research - Play Place Innov8 CIC recognises the tremendous benefit of ICT and develop projects that promote its use (including computers, sound, music, photography and film making).



PP Commercial Ltd provides a range of services and activities that are designed to support the financial stability of Play Place Innov8 CIC. The company has a Limited Company Status, but is owned by the Play Place Innov8 CIC.

PP Commercial delivers services that are commercially driven and do not fit the not for profit community constitution of Play Place Innov8 CIC. They are generally services that are not exempt from VAT.

The type of services provided include:

  • Delivering commercial party opportunities
  • Hall and space hire
  • DVD and film production project
  • Community Hub Management
  • Volunteer training
  • Consultation support work
  • Corporate activities