Our observational systems enable us to develop activities that stimulate children’s learning and engage with the characteristics of effective learning.

We want children to play and explore, be active and motivated in their learning, and to be creative and critical in their thinking at all ages. We want children to continue to develop on their underpinning knowledge and skills.

Our qualified and experienced staff members use their expertise to develop a curriculum that identifies the children’s developmental needs and emerging interests. Each child has a nominated key worker who work closely with the individual child and their parents to help encourage positive learning outcomes. Using our online 'Tapestry' system helps parents to stay in touch with our observations and the progress that children are making.

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for children in that age band. We offer staff training to build on their existing knowledge, skills and abilities; this enables us to be up to date in our current practice. Children are encouraged to participate and make choices from a large selection of toys and equipment that is appropriate to the children’s individual needs and developmental stage. Staff members support the children and encourage them to engage in play whilst allowing them independence to choose activities. Outside play will be safely assessed in respect to the surrounding area.